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“My experience with the Atlasprofilax has been enlightening. As a therapist, I was curious about the technique and the physical response. The technique itself was, at times, intense. The biology behind getting deep enough to effect change requires pressure that gets your attention. Afterwards, I was globally sore for about 24 hours and then sore for an additional day to the touch.


After the soreness faded what I noticed first was increased range of motion in my neck. Secondarily, the crepitus (grinding noise/sensation) I often feel when turning my head in day to day life has largely disappeared. In addition, a long standing injury I have had to my SI joint has been calmed down substantially. For me, this means that the low level ache that is constantly in that joint has been reduced in intensity and has tolerated increased activity well. I can see no other changes in my life that would result in these improvements and believe that they are the result of the Atlasprofilax treatment.

/// Jill M.

Hi, I'm Dr. Christopher Allen, D.C.


I am writing to report my recent experience with Alyssa Wu, P.T. regarding her expertise with the adjustment of the Atlas, or 1st Cervical Vertebra in the neck.


I came to her symptom free as a preventative measure in April, 2018.  I'm 66 years old and was knocked unconscious as a 12 year old playing pick-up football with no protective head gear or padding.


Although I am symptom free, I was unaware of the stiffness that was present in my neck. I noticed it with Alyssa's treatment however, and was quite shocked to notice a very real improvement in the stiffness and range of motion that resulted from her initial session.  Upon one follow up session with her, my neck was totally free of any stiffness and full range of motion was restored.


If you have been suffering with neck pain and stiffness in general, and body aches and pains in particular, I highly

recommend that Alyssa Wu is a highly trained professional who can give you the relief you deserve in short order.


Feel free to contact me at drchrisa@gmail.com if you would like any more feedback. Many thanks to Alyssa Wu, P.T. !!!

/// Dr. Christopher Allen, D.C.

“After being in a pretty bad automobile accident many years ago, and having experienced a significant increase neck pain over the past 3-4 years, I tried chiropractic, physical therapy, and more recently facet joint cortisone shots – none of which worked.   I recently went to see Alyssa for Atlasprofilax and after her treatment, I am pretty much pain free!  Thank you Alyssa!”

/// Debra C.

"As a PT, I was at first skeptical of Atlasprofilax treatment or anything that claims to be a 'one time, quick fix.' I wasn't even sure if I was going to notice any difference from the treatment because I don't have any chronic pain. However, after the treatment my cervical ROM was instantly improved, my right upper trap spasms ceased, and I could feel my posture had improved with decrease in effort and strain. I have been pain free in my right upper trap ever since and would definitely recommend Atlasprofilax to my patients! Alyssa was very knowledgeable and able to answer all of my questions regarding the treatment, thanks Alyssa!"

///Jackie V., PT.

"Atlasprofilax is amazing! It taught me things about my body that I forgot, especially how my neck muscles will compensate for things happening in my lower back and calves. I was very surprised to find it eased my social anxiety as well! I strongly recommend Atlasprofilax for anyone, especially if you want to reconnect with your body. Alyssa is a caring, compassionate therapist who not only is wonderful with Atlasprofilax but other hands on treatment as well. She treated me as an individual, not as a cookie cutter patient. Thanks Alyssa!"

/// Beka S.

"Alyssa is amazing! Knowledgeable, skilled, patient, gets details on what you need and goes into details on what needs to be done. It's amazing how much range of motion I have now and the things I can do better from just one session! 
Athletic or not being able to use your body the way it was designed to be used is not just a great feeling but very beneficial to any type of life style!"

/// Poly N.

"A week after Alyssa used the Atlasprofilax treatment on me, I ran my fastest 5K. I feel like I have more energy. And I didn't encounter my normal knee pain on my last airplane trip. Thanks Alyssa!"

/// Monica M.

"Within an hour of the Atlasprofilax treatment, I noticed that my eyesight has become clearer.  In addition, I can now turn my head farther in both directions. I don't experience back aches after long days at the office. I also outran my yellow lab a few days after the treatment (but he's a bum). I had not anticipated such a noticeable difference. This treatment is definitely worth it."

/// David H.