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What's limiting you?
Physical therapy includes, but is not limited to: exercise, education, and hands-on techniques to help you learn what you can do to move and feel better. Dry needling, Kinesio Tape, and custom orthotics are some tools used in the clinic. You will be empowered with new knowledge and tools to address current discomfort or limitations. You will have a greater understanding of what is necessary to decrease your pain, decrease risk for injury, and increase your confidence so you can live a healthy, happy, unrestricted life.
What to expect at your visits
Please come dressed in clothes that you are able to easily move around in.
Your first appointment will consist of an evaluation - this consists of baseline measurements, such as how far you can move a joint or muscle that is bothering you. This process gathers information that will help create your treatment plan. We will also determine what motivates you to feel better - your kids, significant other, pets, improved confidence to hike, etc. There is no wrong answer, but it will fuel your journey to recovery and independence!
Depending on available time on the first day based on what measurements are required, there may or may not be additional treatment included. However, you will leave your appointment that day understanding your condition and how physical therapy can help, and figuring out attainable goals you would like to achieve over the course of your treatment plan. 
During the course of treatment, it is imperative that you put in the work and stay accountable. Although you may feel better after one 60 minute session, the relief may not yet be great enough to carry over for the next 48 hours, 72 hours, or even 168 hours until your next appointment. Consistency is key, and change is gradual. There may be temporary adjustments to your lifestyle such as avoiding activities that worsen your pain, until your pain is addressed.
Over the course of your treatment, you will constantly be re-assessed to ensure that you are making progress towards your goals. If there are any additional concerns that your physical therapist may have, a referral to a specialist or your physician may be warranted. 
Wellness Services
When your care is no longer considered medically necessary, you may be feeling better but might not have fully returned to recreational activities, gotten into a good exercise routine, or lost weight you may have gained when pain was affecting your lifestyle. Wellness services allow you to continue receiving the same, specialized 1:1 care to help you continue progressing towards your goals.
Additionally, mobile services help decrease barriers and allow you to receive physical therapy services in your home, at place of work, at the track, in the pool, or on the trail so that your care is convenient for you.
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