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You will always receive 1:1 care with the same provider. Alyssa is committed to educating you on your pain and movement, and empowering you so that you can confidently return to activities you may have been avoiding due to pain.
When your insurance company determines you are ready to graduate from physical therapy, you might not have fully returned to recreational activities, restarted an exercise routine, or lost weight you may have gained when pain was affecting your lifestyle. Wellness services allow you to continue receiving specialized 1:1 care, to allow you to regain your life.
Additionally, mobile services allow you to receive support in your home, place of work, at the track, in the pool, or on the trail so that care is convenient for you.

Alyssa is the owner of Wu's Wellness. She obtained her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Ithaca College, NY. She believes in both evidence-based and alternative approaches to optimize your movements and facilitate your body's capabilities to heal. Outside of working, Alyssa enjoys hiking, fishing, camping, and cooking. She enjoys adventure both near and far, as long as it involves being outdoors!

Physical Therapy
Alternative Health & Wellness
Invest in your health
With safe & effective
one-on-one treatments

A single treatment to realign your posture and improve your pain, stiffness, and healing

Support your muscles and joints without restriction, while improving your body's healing process

Restore normal foot function to relieve pain, with truly custom orthotics

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