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Don't let Insurance

Dictate how you're treated

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There are too many variables in life to be treated the same.
Concierge services allow for greater access to your physical therapist, including expanded hours for appointments or questions.
A membership includes greater access to your physical therapist, with expanded hours for appointments or phone calls and emails with questions.
Also included with membership: an annual physical therapy screening, discounts on 60 minute wellness sessions, and discounts on all services provided - including the AtlasPROfilax treatment.
Annual Physical Therapy Screening
Prevention is key to a healthy, happy, pain-free life.
Age shouldn't be a barrier to movement.
You might notice your back becoming a little stiffer at the end of a day at work, or your knees are feeling just a little stiffer when getting up in the morning. An annual physical therapy screening will assess how you're moving and provide recommendations on what you may be able to work on to improve your strength, posture, and movement.
Learn how to prevent tightness from worsening, or how to prevent pain and injury. Research shows that there are balance deficits in humans even in their 30's and 40's, which may increase your risk of injury. If you learn how to remain strong, flexible, and work on your balance, you will reduce your risk of injury. 
Wellness Visits


Are you trying to improve your lifestyle and return to exercise after you have been prioritizing work and raising a family for years? Did you sign up for your couch to 5k, and don't know where to  begin?


There is a lot of information and sometimes, misinformation available to us at the click of a button. Many people don't know where to begin with finding a positive mindset, starting exercise, or how their eating habits affect their performance. 

Regardless of what your motivation is to move, it is easier to stay ahead of pain and injury. We can work together to create a personalized program for whatever your goal is, regardless of where you are at in life. 

Is Concierge PT right for you?

Concierge PT is an annual subscription to knowledge, skills and supervision so you can achieve your goals and stay healthy along the way. Preventative and wellness care is not covered by insurance, and it's time to break those barriers. If you are not sure if you're ready to start your journey, feeling lost, or stuck in a rut - call now to learn how you can feel better today!

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